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breaking news fr overnight. the death of senator ted kennedy. >> in a statement, president obama calls him the greatest united states senator of our time and one of the late senator's greatest causes lives on today. >> i'm looking forward to being a foot soldier in this undertaking and this time we
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will not fail. >> how senator kennedy's death uld impact the push for mark. a view of the capitol this morning. the capitol getting so much attentiowith the death of senator ted kennedy overnight. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. senator kennedy passed away just hours ago at his home in massachusetts. he was 77 years old and had been battling brain cancer for more than a year. senator kennedy was the last surviving brother in a dynasty many have said is america's version of the royal family. he continued his decades-long push for mark even after he was too ill to travel back here to washington. more on that and a look back on his life throughout the morning here on fox 5 morning news. >> we just showed you the
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capitol flags are flying at half-staff today in honor of senator kennedy. tucker is in with a check of our weather. not a bad start to the day, pleasant. >> that is a good word for it. we'll have another great looking daat least as far as sunshine but we'll be on the hot side later this afternoon. there is not a whole lot to see. mostly a good news forecast as we go to view and take a look out tre. outt . you can see that the sunshine sull be bright here. sen i rwi in about a half hour and it should be a great looking day. there you go. clouds off the coast. e the loarcuds off to the north ancwestanuto towards cleveland and detroit. that is a cold front that will get in here tomorrow an give us another opportunity for some showers and thunderstorms. but today, it will be just bright sunshine in the forecast. all right. there are your current temperatures. just got an update. now, 71 at reagan national. 70 at dulles.
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bwi arshall in the 60s again. our humidity will be in check for much of the day but it will bet hot later today. mostly sunny skies and hot by this afternoon. high temperature 91 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast. we have to take another look at the tropics coming up in just a few minutes. >> starting to heat up. >> let's get a look at the we have better news on . kenilworth avenue. early this morning, we had problems with the crash. there is trouble northbound on 95 as you travel up into baltimore aappropriating 395. if you are traveling on the out are loop here at colesville road, month tibetts report as you work your way around from college park headed into silver spring -- no accidents to report as you work your way around from college park headed
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into silver spring. heavy volume leaving 13 headed out towards lorton. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the news was expected but it still came as a shock. senator ted kennedy has lost his battle with brain cancer. senator kennedy knew a lot about triumph and tragedy. tom fitzgerald has a look at the man known as the liberal lion of the senate. >> reporter: man people are waking up to this news and it was expected but still the final news comes as a shock. it was about 1:30 this more thanking when the news was first released from the kennedy family that the senator had passed away. as you might imagine, statements have been coming into the newsroom from all over the country. we have one here from the kennedy family itself. we'll put that up on the screen. they say we have lost the he irreplaceable center of our family and the joyous light of our lives but the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perseverance will live on in
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our hearts forever. of course, proams currently vacationing in martha's vineyard not far from the kennedy compound. that statement goes on to say we thank everyone who gave him care and support over his last year and everyone who stood with him for so many years in his tireless march for progress towards justice, farrness and opportunity for all. the white house also released a statement this morning from president barack obama. president obama says that the united states has lost the greatest united states senator. he called kennedy a great leader and praised his work to advance the civil rights health and economic well being of all americans. the president thanked kennedy for his wise sound in the sowpt and as well as his support in the lastier's presidential race. as you will know, kennedy's support came at a key time for barak obama when was a candidate. without that endorsement, it would have been very likely that hillary clinton would have held on and gotten that democratic nomination.
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barak obama this morning owes in large part to the fact that he is president of the united states to senator ted kennedy's support that came here in washington last year. >> thank you so very much. we'll see tom again with more coverage of the death of senator ted kennedy later this morning. we want it check some of our other top stories. >> he had y, the health care debate hit fever pitch in reston, virginia. congressman jim moran and howard deny hosted in front of a rowdy crowd. a baby sit are and a child in her care are recovering from stab wounds. both are doing okay. the a man attacked them in falls church yesterday. police haven't released very many details but neighbors say the man rented a room from the baby-sitter and he was apparently upset over a break- up with his girlfriend and stabbed the woman and 2-year- old girl. a local family now suing metro for the death of their
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loved one. cameron william was killed in the june 25th accident. his mother and brother filed a $25 million wrongful death lawsuit against metro and the company that make the automatic control system. the lawsuit claims metro was negligent because it did not update trains after other accidents. metro says it will not comment on pending lawsuits. our team coverage of the death of senator ted kennedy continues throughout the morning. coming up next though, awe look at the other top stories this morning including a record setting u.s. deficit. a scare over the skies of d.c. how a pilot says i accidentally flew into restricted air space. that story and more coming up. 
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senator ted kennedy has died. he passed away a few hours ago at his home some massachusetts. >> president obama thasmged senator kennedy for his curling and wisdom that continued through his more than year-long bat we'll brain cancer. senator kennedy was 77 years old. the white house has announce smtd staggering predictions about the national deficit. officials are prewroakting a $9 trillion deficit over the next decade. ten years from now, the national debt will equal 3/4 of the entire u.s. economy. it's move that could save half a bill wrong dollars over the next two years. the postal service is offering buyouts to about 30,000 employees. most of the offers are being given to workers at processing facilities who are eligible f retirement. deal also applies to retail clerk, distributeddors and mail handlers willing to resign.
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same plane, same mistake, this time with a different pilot. a student flew a small cessna within 10-mile of reagan national yesterday. two u.s. coast guard helicopters intercepted the plane. the secret service as a the pilot apparently got lost in the clouds. cmn is reporting that thplane is the same aircraft that unadvertently violated d.c. air space four years ago. nasa could try again try to send the shut discovery into outer space. discovery is on a mission to bring supplies into the international space station. still ahead, our coverage of the death of senator ted kennedy continues. >> the late senator's push for health care reform started decades ago and now his death could tip the balance in this heated debate. what is it like to become a multimill whon air overmight in ask this guy. we'll fine out. he just won a big powerball jackpot and you can see how mu there. there is a lot of zeros in that check. we're back after this.
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you are taking a look at the u.s. capitol where the flag are flying at half-staff in
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remembrance of senator ted kennedy who passed away very late last night at the age of 77. >> passed away in the wee hours of the morning. he was 77 years old. president obama says that the united states has lost a great leader, certainly one of the the most passionate voices in the senate has been silenced. i think people will remember the most that there was always mutual respect and he fought hard for those things in which he believed and health care reform being one of them. that debate continues today. we'll have much more on senator kennedy's passing here through outthe morning. gentleman let's check in with tucker with a look at our local forecast. >> sunshine aloss the area not right now but in about 15 minutes. the sun will rays and it should
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be a beautiful day. today, we'll be in the 90s. the next hans for a shower or thunderstorm late tomorrow. try through sunday, it looks to be unsettled. we'll have a lot of clouds around with a chance for showers and thunderstorms. we have a tropical storm that we need to monitor. i'll show you in just a second on our satellite-radar but we'll see if it doesn't become a player in our weekend forecast here in washington. 71 in downtown washington. nice startto the day. 69 in winchester. very comfortable start. yesterday, it was great. again today, i think it will be very comfortable for you at least with the humidity. our temperatures will be bumped up a little bit. we'll see the highs in the low 90s. lots of sunshine in the forecast and the reason why, it is high pressure. look at that. just delivering great-looking weather around here. not much in the way of cloudiness. this cold front will start to
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make its presence felt tomorrow and that is why we have thunderstorms back in the forecast late in the day tomorrow. up ahead of that, plenty of heat. we'll start to feel the humidity increasing around here later tonight up ahead of the cold front. this is still a tropical disturbance. we are north of puerto rico here and you can see the area of cloudiness. they sent a plane into it yesterday. still not a tropical depression. but wind gusts about 50 to 60 miles per hour and it looks like the wind shear holding this system back is likely to let up today. likely to become perhaps tropical storm danny. it will take it in the vicinity of the outer banks of north carolina and possibly off the coast of delmarva here over the weekend. it could bng enhanced rain around here by both saturday and sunday. that could be a big player in our weekend forecast. for today, lots of sunshine,
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mostly sunny skies. a hot afternoon expected. high temperature 91 degrees. this is our last 90 no the last five to seven days. you will see the fall weather here on the five-day. 87 tomorrow with that chance of an isolated thunderstorm. friday, saturday and sunday, had to throw showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. lots up in the air. temperatures will be cooler with highs on saturday only i the 70s. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. what is going on out there? >> not a lot this morning. we have the lane open if you are travel ago long 95 and 295 to and from baltimore and the d.c. beltway. the beltway getting a little busy as you travel west of new hampshire avenue trying to get past colesville road. the lane are open as you work your way past university boulevard headed to silver spring. southbound 270 a good go with no incidents to report out of hie atstown headed into germantown. 66 picking up the usual suspects now as you travel east of fair oaks headed in towards 123. no accidents, just volume delays as you continue
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eastbound after nutley strait to the beltway. and northbound i-95 not looking too bad right now but volume uncreasing as you work your way north of the franconia springfield parkway continue up to 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the latest powerball winner has come forward. his name is solomon jackson, jr. he is from columbia, south carolina. he hit last week's jackpot worth nearly $260 million. that is the largest one with a ticket in south carolina. he was an assistant supervisor for he south arolina state revenue department and he retired back in 2000. jackson says it was more than money that motivated him to get in on this drawing. >> i said why can't i throw $2 at the lottery to help education. come to find out, i did not need $2 to win it so i wasted a dollar. gha,gonk t god, thank god. >> he has won many times over,
6:21 am
that dollar. jackson didn't say whether he would take the lump sum or annual payments. >> best invest he will ever make. no winning tickets sold for last night's megamillions jackpot. the next drawing is friday. megamillions tickets are sold all over the country but more importantly to us in maryland and virginia. >> business beat is coming up next. so should you expect changes to your service at the post office. we'll take a look at market activity as well.
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announcer: a1 makes the burger king steakhouse burger sing. president obama is remembering senator ted kennedy today as the greatest united states senator of our time. senator kennedy passed away at his home in hyannis port,
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massachusetts in the wee hours of the morning. he was 77 years old. we'll continued our look back on his life throughout the morning. >> we move to business beat now. postal service announced a big money saving move. first, let's get a look at the markets. here is chris cotter up in new york. not exactly bunking up the charts but the major indices staying in positive territory. >> right. sort of like living on borrowed time during this win being streak. the dow is up six straight days but on many of those days just eking out gains and yesterday, the 0-point gain, not a whole lot but it stays in positive territory. the longer you stay in positive territory and the long he haver you stay above technical resistance points which have now become support points, the better off we are. you see the nasdaq and s&p turning positive yesterday after a slightly down day the day before. we continue to get positive news. the home pricing index was up
6:26 am
yesterday for the second consecutive month after dropping every month for thr straight years. home prices are starting to pick up as well. the conference board giving us a positive consumer confidence report yesterday. not a great deal of data to drive the market. we heard president obama sticking with ben bernanke. wall street's reaction to that is what? >> very positive. most economists very positive. the situation now is we expected that. it happened. we think he will be conformed in the senate. now, what do we do going forward with regulatory authority for the fed? how much do we give them? how much independence do we give them? the post office, some major buyouts proposed by the u.s. postal service. the question comes down to you and i. are we going to see changes when we go to the post office as far as service. >> i think the hope that is we
6:27 am
won't. the thought that is fewer and fewer people are reading newspapers. fewer people are doing things that we used to do on a regular base is a, going to the bank teller and fewer people going to the post office and using the post office. that is part of their thinking as to why they will cut back on hair labor, 4.5% of their total labor force offered this buyout. they need to cut $6 billion aier according to the post office. so this is just a piece of that, steve. things like saturday delivery, certainly we couldll do away with. i don't think we would have a problem with that. but they have agot real issues. and another quasi government agency that is having fiscal difficulty. >> we'll have to leave it there. coming up next, our team coverage continues on the death of senator ted kennedy. who could be next in line for his long held senate seat.
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reaction to the death of senator ted kennedy continues to come in from all over this morning. >> senator ted kennedy passed away in the wee hours of the morning in massachusetts following a more than year long battle with brain cancer. senatoted kennedy was 77. >> we'll have a lot more coming
6:31 am
up. first, we want to get another check on our forecast. gentleman i nice bright forecast. a lot of sunshine across the area and fairly calm conditions although hot. guaranteeing some hot weather around here later today as we'll have highs in the low 90s. let's get started with the bus stop forecast. kids are back in school. is rising as we speak. mostly sunny, nice and comfortable for the kids would are waiting. we have 1r0 off to the north and west of the beltway this morning. can you count on low 70s here over the next hour or so. here in wash, 71 degrees. humidity is up a little bit. 87%. but i think it wiom rtanfo rhrle t geghbeou the comfortable range through outthe day. winds out of the south at five peil r esr hour. just ne npeg saontehtllit satellite-radar. we are not complaining. high pressure is working through the area so e-tt means a lot of sunshine in the forecast. our next chance for showers and toundersrms arrives late in the day tomorrow. so today will be a dry one. it will just be on the hot side. it will be typical late august weather with highs back into
6:32 am
the low 90s. maybe a 92 or 93 jussouth of wash. high temperatures by about 4:00 will be in the low 90s. ill abe back in just a couple of minutes. we have mother details on the forecast and a new tropical system we are keeping a close eye on. >> could impact our weather? >> this weekend, yeah. >> let's check in with julie wright to get a look at traffic. >> it is not looking so bad right now ith the lanes open in each direction at the wilson bridge. traffic flows freely as you travel between oxon hill and alexandria. for those traveling the top stretch of the beltway, you will slow west of new hampshire avenue headed around towards university boulevard and southbound 270 nolooking so bad leaving germantown headed out towards the split. all of your lanes are open as you continue down in towards rockville. easy ride across the american legion bridge. this is a live shot of northbound 395 for those leaving edsall road headed up towards duke street. incident-free all the way up and across the 14th street bridge. no problems reported out on 66. traffic will slow between the
6:33 am
two 4 interchains in manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> back it our big story this morning. senator ted kennedy dying at the age of 77 overnight. >> he passed with a early this morning at his home in hyannis port, massachusetts. tom fitzgerald is back with more on the man known as the liberal lion of the senate. >> reporter: kennedy died at the family's hyannis port compound, a place kennedys have gathered for generation in both good time and bad. senator ted kennedy spent his final days in the place he loved at the family compound in cape cod. even there, kept a ha in politics following course of things. he would follow his brother into politics first elected to
6:34 am
the senate in 1962. tragedy soon followed with the assassination of president kennedy in 1963 and another brother bobby in 1968 leaving the judge ted kennedy to speak as the family patriarch. >> what he wished for others will some day come to pass for all the world. >> reporter: just the next year, kennedy drove his car off a bridge. his companion was killed and kennedy later pled guilty to leaving the scene of an accident. it would cast a long shadow over his life and helped scuttle his candidacy for president in 1980. he would later learn a reputation as a tireless senator, perhaps the last of his find with a firm unapologetic liberal value. after his brain cancer diagnosis, kennedy seemed to pass the torch to the next era helping propel barak obama to
6:35 am
the presidency, an endorsement that carried the weight of a lengthy career. >> we scale the heights. i know it. i've seen it. you've lived it. and we can do it again. >> reporter: as you may remember, it was only a few weeks ago when kennedy's sister eunice kennedy shriver passed away and what this means now is that, of the nine kennedy siblings that we have known for most of our lifetimes, only jean kennedy smith now remains of that entire generation. >> still making an impact. senator kennedy dedicated so much of his life to the health care issue. is something gob it take this as a springboard to try to work further into this issue? >> in some ways, it seems so early to be talking about this. but this being the core issue that the senator pushed his entire life, the politics play into all of this. there is a vacancy in the united states senate right now at a time when this white house
6:36 am
does not need vacancies on its 60-vote senate majority. senator last week sent a letter to the massachusetts governor patrick asking if there was a way to change the law in massachusetts to accelerate the process of naming a replacement. that did not start to take root before senator kennedy passed away. it looks at this point where massachusetts' system of keeping a five-month vac abcy in that seat will stay in place. this is all coming at a very critical time for health care when the obama white house needs every vote it can get. >> it is kind of interesting. way back when when senator kennedy's brother john f. kennedy passed away, johnson used that death to move the civil rights movement forward and get some civil rights legislation passed in congress and so we'll see what happens here. >> it will be a little cynical for the obama white house to take up the mantle directly of senator kennedy but clearly the politics of this cannot be escaped. one of the things people were
6:37 am
talking about is who would replace senator kennedy. would could replace senator kennedy. already his wife victoria when she was asked about it said she had no interest. there has been speculation about his nephew, joseph cone did i who served as a congressman for massachusetts and had an unsuccessful run for governor of massachusetts. also, his son patrick is a congressman from rhode island. that would be ghly unusual to go out of state to name a replacement for a sitting senator. his own son, edward kennedy, jr. is an attorney. other congressmen have been mentioned. it will be interesting to play out and sue he the faces up there of how this can play out. recent history of senate replacement in other states, you look at new york, what happened in illinois. the eyes of the country are going to be on one of the most important senate seats ever to be vacated. >> incident reporting toshing you mentioned governor patrick and the effort to change this
6:38 am
law. kind of ironic it was the democrats that lobbied for that change during the mitt romney era. >> in 2004. >> when john kerry was the nominee, the democrats were very concerned about then governor mitt romney being able to name a reublican to that seat. they did not want that to happen. they changed the law and that is the law that senator kennedy last week tried to have changed. >> thank you. let's take a closer look at senator kennedy's push for health care reform. for that, we go to sarah simmons. >> reporter: even though ken senator kennedy has been absent recently, the health care debate has flamed up. his son was saying how very frustrated his father was that he was an accident during this time when health care was really getting going an picking up steam and people were really talking about it. but this is something that senator kennedy has been talking about since 1966 when
6:39 am
he initially started his push for a national health care system. but other than though that has not taken shape yet, he has been pushing over the years and made other advancements in the health care industry if we could take a look at those right now n 1996, he was the cohosponsor of the health insurance portability act otherwise known as hipaa. he also championed the state children's health insurance program. it covered the uninsured children of low income families to get insurance. in 2006, the family opportunity act. he was integral in pushing that pour ward. it allowed states to expand medicaid coverage to children who have special needs. of course, may 2008, just year, he was diagnosed with the brain tumor and that really sidelined him during this whole debate but he hay dramatic turn
6:40 am
back in last july casting one of 69 votes to break a republican filibuster against a bill that had cuts to medicare payments to doctors. just in march, the president called leads are to the white house to talk about the importance of health care reform. let's listen to what senator ted kennedy had to say at that time. >> i am looking forward to being a foot soldier in this undertaking and this time we will not fail. >> reporter: now, republican senator john mccain also mentioning how he wished that senator kennedy could have been here during this time for the health care debate. he called him a mast are negotiator, someone that could reach across party lines and get things done and that he will be missed. as tom was mentioning, the governor of massachusetts releasing a statement this morning as effect wake up and get it is news, in part, him
6:41 am
saying that he was a compassionate visionary statesmen but at this time, no mention of his successor at this time. >> thank you. the republican candidate in the race for virginia governor about to endorse -- reveal another endorsement. bob mcdonnell has scheduled a news conference this afternoon to announce the support of a major virginia business soak. his other big endorsements include the virginia farm bureau federation and virginia association of realtors. his competitor, virginia senator creigh deeds is here withous fox 5. he will join us here in the studio. we'll talk about the big issues including health care, the economy, education and business. the democratic candidate for governor up against republican bob mcdonnell. our team coverage of the death of senator ted kennedy continues as well this morning. we'll be live in boston in just a short time with reaction to
6:42 am
his passing. a look back on a celebration that honored senator kennedy's life and his career. we'll be back right after the break. de
6:43 am
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there is a live look outside at the nation's capital where flags are plying at half- staff today in remembrance of senator ted kennedy the third longest serving senator in the u.s. senate who passed away overnight at the age of 77. >> senator kennedy was the last surviving brother in a dynasty many have said is america's version of the the royal family. he was the third longest serving u.s. senator and continued his decades long push for health care reform even after he was too ill to travel to washington. >> senator kennedy is known as a champion for universal health care and civil rights. he introduced the americans with disabilities act in 1990 also known as ada. goal of that bill was for prohibit employers from discriminating and job hiring in the workplace against people
6:46 am
who had a disability. the senator once said the passage of that bill was the crowning achievement of his time in the senate. earlier this year, senator kennedy turned 77 on february 2nd. >> i afew week later, some of his famous friends helped him celebrate. matz ackland was there to the big birthday bash at the kennedy center for performing arts. here is a look back. >> reporter: it is an honor given to few, a star-studded celebration that includes the president of the united states. & happy birthday to you &&. >> reporter: senator kennedy has always been a supporter of the performing arts and tonight, that support was met with great gratitude. >> i think people want to make sure he understand that his work is appreciated and people are greatful. >> reporter: senator kennedy himself made out the guest list for tonight's event asking some of his favorite art youists to perform. most of them have heard the senator sing as well.
6:47 am
>> usually, later in the evening, we sing together. >> what is your favorite song? what do you think sing together? >> danny boy ya. he loves to sing. >> how's his pipes? >> pretty good. >> it is all about the enthusiasm. we won't judge it on its moussal merits. >> reporter: where he lacks in musical talent, he make up for it with his leadership in the senate where his colleagues say health care reform remains his number one goal. >> i know he wants to do it. >> he is there and he is on the phone and he is working and having meetings and he is doing things and he is not letting go of this health care effort. he will try to get this health care done. >> reporter: it is clear ted kennedy is not done yet. if you talk to his young grandson, teddy iii, you will quickly learn the familiar's passion for public serve is will live on. >> i always wanted to be a politician when i grow up. so it is a good name. >> that was matt ask land
6:48 am
reporting from back in march. the news this morning, long time massachusetts senator ted kennedy lost his bat we'll cancer passing way at his home n hyannis port overnight. he was 77 years old. >> the peak of hurricane season is the first week of september, about september 10th. so here we go. ramping up and starting to sy a lot of activity. >> we'll take anoer look at ust we'll start with our local gt reagt ealooking start to the day. 71 right now at reagan national. fredericksburg, you're 71. patuxent naval air station, 72. comfortable start. best part about this forecast, the humidity levels are in check. they will be fairly comfortable for much of the day.
6:49 am
let's take a look at our satellite-radar. very quiet conditions. i'm sure mob is complaining. lots of high pressure across the mid-atlantic. you can see the clear skies. this is a cold front which will start to make its effects felt late tomorrow. up ahead of the cold front, we'll be hot out there. 91, 92 here this washington. be ready for a had the afternoon. speaking of hot spots, there we go. puerto rico is down here at the bottom of the screen. nothing yet. they flew a plane into it yesterday and win gusts were about 50 miles per hour. likely to become a tropical depression over the next 4 hours and might become tropical storm danny. it still is on a track that will take it off the coast of the carolinas by late in the day on friday and then we'll have to see what happens. it could impact the beaches as we get into the weekend with clouds and the possibility of
6:50 am
some tropical rain. this is a factor in our forecast as we get into saturday and sunday. a hot affect expected. high temperature, about 91 degrees. wind will be out of the west at five miles per hour. there is your five-day forest. i showed you the shower and thunderstorms associated with the cold front late in the day tomorrow. 87 and than we bet unsettled by friday, saturday and sunday. we'll have to see what happens with the tropical system. cooler temperatures, saturday and sunday, highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. let's go to on-time traffic. julie wright has the latest on our roadways. >> we have some trouble right now, tucker. this is northbound 270 for those trying to work that you are way up towards germantown. in the distance, can you see the flashing lights there. you see more fire and rescue units responding to the scene of this crash. this helps give you awe perspective of where this wreck
6:51 am
occurred. it is northbound 270 north of father hurley boulevard headed up towards clarksburg is where we have the crash. a lot of activity here. traffic seeing by to the right. already these delays are building out of germantown. better bet is to simply stick with 355. use that as the alternate. or 118 out to great seneca, depending on where you need to go. southbound can see the accident scene. we have rubbernecking delays beginning back in clarkburg. this is the inbound strove of new york avenue at bladensburg road. it is heavy and slow. all lane are open here. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our team coverage of the death of senator ted kennedy continues rate now. we want to go live to boston. in boston, this news has got to hit hard since this was kennedy territory up in that area.
6:52 am
>> reporter: well, you know, here in the city, everyone has just sort of been awakened to the news that, undeed, the senator has passed on. you can imagine people are in a somber mood. he had been sick for some time having been diagnosed with brain cancer back in may of 2008 so it wasn't exactly unexpected. still, it comes as a shock and vice to poem standing here outside the state house. the flag has been lowered to half-staff and we do know that the senator died at his home in hyannis port. his family was by his home, we understand to end this year and a half battle with brain cancer. he did try to make the occasional public appearance towards the latter months. last time we saw him publicly was just a couple of weeks ago at his sister's funeral. >> there has been a lot of speculation. the talk as far as a possible successor had started to reach a point last week with talk that perhaps the governor there
6:53 am
might try to make some changes. the senator had himself proposed the idea of changing the law to name a successor. any word in boston as far as who may be a posible successor? >> reporter: it is just too soon to tell. the senator did make moves to change that law when there was a republican governor in office. now that there is a democratic governor in office reg many are saying that was just a poliical move in an effort to have a democrat appointed to fill the vacancy should his death happen or should he not be able to serve. at this point, that never made it to the floor. so at this point, it appears as though there will be a special election. right now, we have senator john kerry but he is the only voice for massachusetts. >> we know it is early since he did pass away in the wee hours of the morning. do we know at all if there are any -- is there smith special planned in the boston area just to remember senator kennedy.
6:54 am
are we aware of anything like that? >> at this point, the funeral arrangementscertainly are -- that is tentative. we understand they are working on that right now and working on releasing that. people are really just starting to wake up and realize what has happened. it is stunning quite a f people. they are riced and there aren't many political leaders -- you ask people about when their senator has done for them. not many people can say that but people can say that about senator kennedy in part because he served this area for nearly 50 years. they know what his landmark issues are. they know what he has done for their community. >> all right. thank you. let's tke a look at the u.s. capitol where fls onorton senator, much as they are at the statehouse in massachusetts this morning. >> senator kennedy passed away early this morning at his home
6:55 am
in hyannis port, massachusetts. our team coverage will continue after the break.
6:56 am
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what you're looking at now, those are live pictures from the capitol where the nag is fly anything half staff for senator edward kennedy. he was the last surviving brother in a dynasty of america's version of the royal family. we want to thank you for being up with us this morning and we'll turn things over to allison and steve who have more on the life and legacy of senator kennedy. also, much more on today's top story and senator edward kennedy has died. after a long fight wh brain cancer, he passed away last night. we'll look at his life, coming up. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. good

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